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"No confusing plots or complicated twists here, just a little book with a lot of heart! Ms. Love uses warmth and humour to explore the concept that empathy for others can help foster stewardship in all of us, and a bit of imagination and creativity go a long way in solving problems. This is a lovely and engaging book and I'd recommend it to anybody who's up for the challenge of possibly having another look at a species whom we've been taught to view as enemies, and consider that given half a chance, they just might turn out to be friends! I'm so glad I read this book and I'm pretty sure that the mice who shared my apartment for a couple of weeks in February would agree! I hope Ms. Love will write a sequel and that we haven't heard the last of Willie!"

Earl stalked up to the fireplace. With slow, careful movements, he began pulling each object out and away from the wall.

There was no mouse.

I heaved a sigh of relief. "I'll put some traps in here," I said.

"Vermin!" Earl bellowed. He stomped into the laundry room and came charging out with a broom. "Where is he? Wait till I get my hands on him!"

"No, don't use that!" I begged. "I'll go online and find out what else I can do."

"Yes, do that!" he barked.

I plugged the PestChaser into the wall in between the garage, the basement, and the family room. I brought in the lone mousetrap from the garage and set up all four live-catch traps against the wall in the family room. Then I went online. I wondered if we had enough traps. Perhaps I could make one that might work even better than the ones we had bought.

I found a homemade trap online. It was Steve Smith's Humane Mousetrap. All I needed was a large, low-sided tray, a deep, rectangular metal can, a bamboo skewer, a toothpick, and adhesive tape.

"I found out how to make my own mousetrap," I called out to Earl on the way to the kitchen to create my trap.

"And did you find out about the health consequences of having vermin in the house?" he growled.